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Please review the known issues and FAQ provided to find solutions to the issues you are experiencing.

Known Issues

We are curently working on solutions for each of these issues.

Canasta didn't recognize end of hand!
Hands in Canasta can sometimes continue after the player has already gone out.

We are working on a fix for this issue and it will be resolved with the next Canasta update.

In the mean time, you can unblock the game by going back to the main menu and resuming the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play with friends?

We do not currently support multiplayer games. All our games are currently Single Player only. We are working on adding online support and will be releasing it once we feel confident that it will provide the best possible experience! Stay tuned!

How do I get rid of ads?

Making a purchase from the games 'Coin Store' will remove all third party ad's that appear before the start of a new game or when you continue a game in progress.

To access the Coin Store from the games Main Menu;

- Tap the coin icon (located in the upper right corner of the scene)

Which devices are supported?

For iOS, we currently support devices that are iOS 8.0 and newer. Those with devices that no longer support 8.0 or newer will not receive any updates but you will be able to access the game in the app store.

We also support OSX 10, Windows 10, Kindle Fire and Android 4.0 or newer.

Where are statistics, achievements and leaderboard rankings?

Curently only supported for iOS, your Statistics, Leaderboard ranks, and achievements are loacated in the new menu under Stats. If you tap on Stats you will find Achievements & Leaderboards located in the corners.
For Android and Kindle Platforms, you will find your statistics under menu then tap stats.

Sound is not working

All of our games have a mute button that can be found in the main menu, within the settings, or some place on the home screen. If you cannot hear your sound, please be sure that the sound is not switched off.

After you've verified the in game mute button is not activated, the next place to look are at the hardware buttons on your device. The volume and device mute button are located on the side of your device. If your device is muted, the orange will be showing when the button is toggled.

If you are still experiencing issues, we suggest restarting your device then follow the steps provided above.

My Issue Is Not Listed

If your issue is not listed, please contact us by emailing us at Trivial Technology Support to let us know about any questions, concerns, and crazy ideas you have. Happy Gaming!

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